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Post  Jaxhead on Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:12 am

Where are you from?
I'm from Holland

How old are you?
17 (ALMOST 18)

In which languages can you speak/write/understand?
English, Dutch

When did you start playing Aion?
since the open beta

Where did you start playing?
on (the real) europian server

What's the name of your ingame character?
SOON OTHER NAME.. HAVENT MADE YET... Jaxhead is bugged.. didn't knew to change class at lvl 9... cant equip plate or polearm
edit: ok i just made a priest (17.2.10) his name is Jaxz... I'm gonna be an healer(cleric), place a comment in the comments here if you want to party up (i need to lvl atm)

Which is your favourite class and which are the ones with which you play better?
Gladiator... dps :] haven't played with something else yet.

Previous legions that you've been into? (Atomix)
i've been in een legion on the normal/legal/real aion, but forgot the name (got till lvl 27 there)

What is your ingame class and equipment?
Jaxhead: (just level 38 atm, powerleveling, give me like 2 or 3 days, i think ill get to 50 then) in my inv i have some grand chieftain parts and kasaka's spear...

Can you REALLY use Ventrilo and Xfire? In which ways (just listening? or both talking and listening?)?
atm just listening, but im gonna buy a headset soon...
What's your timezone (GMT +?) and how much time are you online daily? (on weekdays and on weekends)
gmt +1 / ~ (atleast) 4 hours
Why do you want to join us?
there isn't any other (good) legion atm xD
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