Legion Rules ! [READ]

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Legion Rules ! [READ]

Post  onZe a.k.a Vel on Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:40 am

Basic RULES:
1.Ventrilo is a must, and mic is preferred.
2.English is a MUST
3.Only English in clan chat and ventrilo.(we got sub channels for other languages, but during sieges/other important activities english only )
4.No insulting clegion/alliance members.
5.No flaming member or enemy.(in case vs enemy you either say Gf or you don't say anything)
6.Leaders decision not being questioned.(you can give a suggest and if that suggestion is refused do not continue with discussion)
7.When you are asked to do something you have to do it. (you will never be asked to do something what is not in best interest of you and clan)
8.Team work have to be present at any time.
9.Organization and communication between members on highest lvl it can be.
10.Quests for Epics have to be done on time not in the "last minute"
11.Every member is a part of team ,so every member have to act like part of team
12.Being in legion doesn't mean having same crest it means dedication
13.Aditional rules may be added soon.

All ppl that will disrespect the rules will be kicked out of legion.
There is no room for mistakes, selfish ppl , solo players and greedy not team working ppl.

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