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Application form

Post  Darkrush on Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:30 am

Where are you from?
How old are you?
In which languages can you speak/write/understand?
Where did you start playing?
Started on this server
What's the name of your ingame character?
Which is your favourite class and which are the ones with which you play better?
Gladiator ftw :p
Previous legions that you've been into? (Atomix)
None, When i choose a legion i stick to it no matter what, this legion is my first and only choice
What is your ingame class and equipment?
Gladiator, all basic equips for now am lvl 32 same as my gear, and i started this char yesterday
but will be 50 with good gear in no time.
Can you REALLY use Ventrilo and Xfire? In which ways (just listening? or both talking and listening?)?
Both including Team-speak if needed, and dependent on conversation ^^
What's your timezone (GMT +?) and how much time are you online daily? (on weekdays and on weekends)
London GMT+0 4days a week 2-3 hours and 3days a week as long as i can keep my eyes open lol
Why do you want to join us?
Because this is by far the best legion and I'd like to be apart of it.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

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